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Cyber Security Experts
Protecting reputation and managing cyber security risk through high growth M&A phases

A US-based global media communication tech and analytics company de-risks their acquisition-led growth with cyber security expertise from Entersoft.

Cyber Security Experts
RBI Guidelines Implementation

Customer is India's leading NBFC and was looking for a Cyber security company to implement Reserve Bank of India issued Cyber Security guidelines for NBFCs, also to achieve ISO 27001. Customer achieved required compliances.

Mobile app testing
Superfast Enterprise Application Security

Customer is one of the world's biggest logistics companies and was selling its offerings to one of the leading governments in Asia. All security loopholes have to be identified and fixed in a week. Customer successfully deployed the solution.

Code review
Improving a Fintech's Security to work with Banks

Customer is a leading Fintechs in Australia. Customer was selling to one of the leading Banks in Australia and the Bank could not work with the customer due to major gaps in security. Entersoft transformed the Fintech's security posture in 3 months. Customer works with the Bank.

Web app security testing
Application Security Quotient improved

Customer is one of the biggest media companies in the world and a publicly traded company in NASDAQ. Customer was looking for a vendor to improve maturity of it's 300+ applications. Entersoft is continiously improving customer's Application security posture using ASQ.


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Customer testimonials

At IOOF we have used Entersoft’s technical security and ethical hacking services extensively over the last 18 months. We have found that Entersoft's team surpasses other web application vulnerability assessment tools and other Application penetration testing companies, both in terms of its ability to find vulnerabilities and reduce the false positives. Their manual testing approach to application security is excellent and tailored to our specific needs and requirements. This ensures that our business requirements are met for every test. Entersoft’s certified security experts are very experienced and thorough in their work. We find that Entersoft provides us with the peace of mind in our security testing regime and at the same time provides us with “value for money” services. We have found the team very responsive to our needs during the testing and reporting phase.

Ashutosh KapseCISO, IOOF Holdings

Superfast security testing and quick turnaround time to fix the identified bugs. We will work again with Entersoft for all our apps.

AnandCTO, Biogenex

Best application security experts!Entersoft's reports are comprehensive and easy to understand

KunalCEO, uTrade Solutions

It was a wonderful support that we received from Entersoft for the security testing. The team was technically sound and completed the tasks ahead of time. After the first round of testing, the suggestions and advice from the Entersoft technical team was awesome that made our job easy to fix the issues and run the regression testing without any issues. Thank You!

MallikarjunCEO, Oakridge IT

Entersoft stands out in the field of penetration testing because they understand the importance of security risks and are able to map it to the domain in which their client is operating. Their service is very much tailored to the particular application being examined. Simply using automated scanning tools is not a replacement for smart, intelligent people with a deep understanding of security related issues. Entersoft takes penetration testing to the next level, using real certified experts to test systems and interpret the results

SujithManager - IT, HIL(CK Birla Group)

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