Application Security. Simplified.

"Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!" - Dijkstra (1970)

Attacks that make you stronger, better, faster. Think beyond Penetration testing

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Success driven security assessments

Application security is a journey. Make it a strategic investment.

Move beyond penetration tests. Security by Design is an effective app security strategy and make security a DevOps responsibility. Make your developers the guardians of your application!

The way we do it

Application Security Methodology

The best defense is a strong offense

Award Winning Offensive, Proactive and Pragmatic approach

Vulnerability assessments and Penetration tests are passé. Entersoft’s multi-fold security assessment guards your app against the latest and the most devastating attacks. We help to instil a culture of security within your organisation, sensitising your team to the power of best practices. We help you improve your Application Security Quotient.

Competencies Identification

Before we start with the attacks on your apps, we identify the core competencies that help you grow. The attacks are planned in line with your competencies.

Vigorous Offensive Testing

Your app is broken apart to test its resilience against latest threats. We go beyond VAPT, simulating DDoS and Zero day attacks. Real attacks by covert Cyber Intelligence hackers.

Bug Fixing Assistance

In addition to pointing them out and demonstrating their effects, we work with you to actively fix all the bugs identified.

Entersoft Security Methodology

Business Logic Flow Testing

Your business logic is attacked in multiple ways to bring out security bugs and critical flaws.

Global Testing Standards

We cover top global security standards like OWASP Top 10, WASC, CERT and OSSTMM for every app we test.

Zero False Positives

We report a security loophole only when we have undeniable proof of its existence. No false positives in our reports.

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Happy Customers

Enterprises, startups... Your size doesn't matter, only your app


Apps Tested

Web apps, mobile apps and native apps


Security Bugs Fixed

It's not how many bugs we find, it's how many we fix!


Hall of Fame

We participate in bug bounty programs and appear on the Hall of Fame boards of many brands


Found critical bugs In

Our white hat hackers have been accoladed by prestigious organizations for responsibly disclosing the bugs.

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