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Language-specific recommendations with sample code references
Detailed Coverage of OWASP Top 10 Guidelines
Real-time project use - both secured and unsecured

What is Application Security Training?

When it comes to Application Security Training, all parties privy to the application development process must be well versed in understanding and preventing cyber risks.

Why do organizations need App Sec Training?

  • Prevent hackers, adversaries, and malicious users
  • Prevent catastrophic financial risks to the organization
  • Prevent data breach of PII and other sensitive information
  • Prevent reputation loss
  • To meet regulations and achieve compliance
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    Application Security Training for Developers

    Developers are often sensitive when it comes to writing code and it's typically a very subjective affair when attempting to incorporate guidance into their processes. In most cases, security is of little concern to application developers, however, they are typically left to pick up the pieces in the event of an exploit or discovery of a bug.

    Entersoft understands the importance of application security training and education for developers before conducting any type of code review. We believe context is critical in ensuring a smooth and secure application development process. By uniting Entersoft's security expertise with developers' unique skillsets, we've established a comprehensive and holistic application security training methodology.

    We recommend that security personnel train their developers to adhere to all appropriate coding guidelines to achieve 99% code quality, exempt from vulnerabilities.


    Benefits of App Sec Training

  • Build robust and secure products
  • Improve application security
  • Understand inherent risks and application vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the potential cost of a security auditor
  • Stay ahead of attackers by obtaining a macro view of your application security
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    Common misconceptions about App Sec

  • Antivirus and firewalls can prevent all forms of attacks
  • TLS alone is sufficient for application security. Tampering of data is impossible as the website is secured on HTTPS
  • Applications are terminally secure as there are security controls/libraries/frameworks in place to defend against threats (Ex: Misconfigurations, zero days)
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    Entersoft's 4-day Application Security training program

    Our 4-day developer training program has been optimized to provide Best in Class security guidance for application developers and in-house security personnel.

    All 4-day training participants will receive the following:

    At a high level

  • Detailed coverage of every vulnerability in adherence with OWASP Top 10 guidelines
  • Language-specific recommendations
  • Sample code references
  • Real-time project use; both secured and unsecured
  • Educating and familiarising your developers with OWASP Application Security Verification Standards (ASVS)
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    4-day Application Security training program breakdown

    Day 1 Application Security Training will cover:

  • Security Architecture
  • Security Principles
  • OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS)
  • Effective Safeguards

  • Day 2 Application Security Training covers:

  • Secure code training based on the OWASP Top 10
  • Secure Coding Best Practices
  • Effective Code Review Techniques
  • Effective Safeguards

  • Day 3 Application Security Training includes:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Password Management
  • Cryptography Concepts
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • API Security
  • Securing AJAX and Web Services (REST or SOAP)
  • OWASP Enterprise Security API
  • Effective Safeguards

  • Day 4 Application Security Training concludes with:

  • Android Security
  • Effective Safeguards
  • Using a Vulnerability Scanner
  • Simulation/Gamification through Workshops