Manually identify security vulnerabilities that would otherwise remain undetected using automated tools.

What is SAST?

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a way of performing a security audit on the source code of an application. SAST is an extremely effective auditing approach that enables the Auditor to identify any granular issues that would remain undiscovered in a penetration test. SAST can be achieved by using automated tools that detect code level security flaws. The process incorporates a manual code reviewer tasked with manually identifying security vulnerabilities that would otherwise remain undetected using automated tools.


Our SAST Methodology

We take a highly comprehensive, hybrid approach to our SAST service. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities that would otherwise be extremely difficult to identify with a single Static Application Security Testing solution. We leverage various SAST tools from the market while also employing our in-house manual code review experts to ensure all bases are covered. As part of our SAST process, we require Application and code walkthrough sessions to be provided by the customer. This enables our security experts to gain deeper insights into the nature of the application and the source code. Code reviews are conducted by our manual experts in a controlled environment to ensure the code is secure.

We adamantly adhere to OWASP Top 10 standards along with security best practices for numerous programming languages. Any issues identified throughout the automated and manual review process are shared through our VMS for tracking purposes. All remediation provided by Entersoft will be technology-specific and relevant to our customer's applications. A final review will be carried out on the updated code once all identified issues are fixed. Each review will also conclude with a final report detailing all findings.


Why choose Entersoft for SAST

Entersoft's SAST methodology is a powerful solution for identifying potential security vulnerabilities within your applications' source code. Our SAST approach provides a comprehensive analysis of your codebase, examining it line by line, to identify and remediate any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers. This process is essential for protecting your applications from attacks, ensuring your data and your clients' data is safe from malicious intent.

What sets Entersoft's SAST service apart is our focus on developer education. Our methodology empowers developers to write secure code from the outset, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities appearing in the first place. Our service includes complimentary training for your development team, teaching them how to write code that is not only functional but also secure.

With Entersoft's SAST service, you can be confident that your code is secure, and any vulnerabilities will be remedied before they can be exploited. Our thorough analysis and developer training ensure that your applications remain safe from attacks, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business goals.


How our SAST can secure your application

Dynamic level checks fail to uncover all potential vulnerabilities as applications are often protected by WAF and other security solutions aimed at preventing layer-7 attacks. Entersoft's Static Application Security Testing solutions successfully uncover any hidden security risks that can only be discovered during code reviews. With over a decade of experience in application security, Entersoft has the tools to ensure that your applications are secure, now and forever.


Relevant, Best in Class Security Experts
Adamant adherence to OWASP Benchmark
Tech-specific and relevant to your application