Move over generic penetration testingFrom shopping to healthcare to banking, there isn’t any sphere of life that is today untouched by the miracle of mobile technology. At the same time, mobile apps are a lucrative opportunity for malicious parties to gain large volumes of personal information. With our expertise, businesses can now secure their mobile applications and protect their customer’s information, and their brand’s reputation.


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A US-based global media communication tech and analytics company de-risks their acquisition-led growth with cybersecurity expertise from Entersoft.

Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security


Pre-Engagement Interactions

Our team connects for a thorough understanding of your need, with a tailormade questionnaire. Do you need VAPT service for web application, mobile application or network? What is the industry you work in, and the important priorities for your business?


Threat Modeling

We model the threats of your mobile app and business. We help you with a road map to address your threats.


Static Analysis

Through reverse engineering based on CERT global standards, we identify sensitive information and vulnerabilities in your mobile application.


Dynamic Analysis

Using OWASP Mobile Top 10 based vulnerability assessments, we rigorously test your mobile application across mobile devices. We believe in testing mobile apps on real devices, not just simulators. Our State-of-the-art mobile app security testing lab helps identify bugs dynamically.



Identified vulnerabilities are exploited during the analysis phase, to offer appropriate steps to address any resultant losses.



We provide a comprehensive vulnerabilities assessment report and work with your internal development team to fix issues.