Avoid licencing issues, improve code quality and improve security

What is SCA?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is an application security subfield pertaining to security, license compliance, and code quality. SCA services typically focus on the identification of third-party library dependencies. However, they also provide auxiliary services for viewing software inventories, enforcing organization-wide policies, and integrating with setups.

How can an SCA help your business?

Modern software utilizes a multitude of third-party libraries and frameworks that can become dependencies. Consequently, any known vulnerabilities in these dependencies present potentially critical security risks for your business. As a result, Software Composition Analysis tools, have received widespread adoption in the security space in order to keep track of vulnerable dependencies.

Open-source software (OSS) libraries are one such example of a widely used third-party library in the software industry. It's estimated that as much as 80 to 90% of the software products on the market contain some OSS element. Each of these products contains on average, 100 distinct open-source elements, whose code accounts for up to 35% of the overall application size. OSS vulnerabilities can be directly attributed to the vast majority of data breaches over the past 5 years. The recent log4j vulnerabilities are another prime example of the risks posed by poorly secured third-party libraries.

Entersoft's SCA Methodology

  • Automated identification of backend language and frameworks. Third-party tools are employed in this process.
  • Using SBOM, where open-source and commercial libraries are filtered. The SBOM is continually updated and repopulated to ensure that it has all current details of version packages and licensed information.
  • Obtain vulnerable data as output and pass it on to vulnerability databases.
  • Compare the output vulnerabilities with data from a variety of databases that we've created using curling API Keys available from NVD
  • We fetch the matched vulnerability ID-related information with the relevant CVSS score, before providing a detailed overview of the vulnerable component with version-specific details.
  • We then provide patch links for each identified vulnerability.
  • Why Entersoft's SCA?

    Entersoft is a highly respected cybersecurity company, synonymous with exceptionally reliant, Best in Class SCA services. We have successfully reviewed over 10 Million lines of code for our clients over the past 11 years. During our start-up phase, our in-house research think tank along with our highly effective team of white hats discovered several potential vulnerabilities in our security assessment libraries. Through our ability to detect and neutralize threats, we came to the conclusion that there must be thousands of businesses receiving subpar software security assessments. As such, we launched a service specifically targeting the analysis of OSS components and their vulnerabilities, ensuring an all-encompassing SCA service to our valued clients.

    Entersoft understands all the predominant pain points of Software Composition Analysis. Therefore we've chosen to keep things simple, creating an SCA approach that is guaranteed to satisfy your business needs. Through our extensive research in the Software sector, Entersoft has compiled and resolved over a decade of vulnerabilities across multiple databases. Since our companies inception, Entersoft's software security experts have successfully assessed more than 5000 applications for our satisfied clients.

    Entersoft goes above and beyond to educate developers on our Enprobe dashboard. We also offer direct access to our Knowledge base for all our clients while providing continued guidance on current secure coding guidelines.

    Benefits of Entersoft SCA

  • Avoid licensing issues with your code
  • Separate vulnerabilities from internal vs open source
  • Maintain compliance
  • Reduce the burden on developers for code validation.

    Tech-specific and relevant to your application
    We go above and beyond to satisfy your business needs
    State-of-the-art Monitoring System (Entersoft Enprobe)