Cloud Security assessment

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Entersoft Cloud Webinar

The adoption rate of cloud services is continuing to accelerate, with the Covid-19 breakdown, this has been further amplified. Not only being efficient from one viewpoint, but the majority of us are also under the belief that migrating to the cloud makes their business more secure and safe, which we feel is Yes and No at the same time. As the famous saying from the cybersecurity industry goes, ‘No system is 100% safe’, this also applies to all the CSPs out there, in fact, the service providers themselves declare ‘Cloud security is a shared responsibility'.

This is where we would like to share our experiential knowledge with businesses that are already on the cloud and as well as the ones migrating to cloud infrastructure. This Entersoft cloud webinar will drive you through the emerging trends, best practices, and your responsibility from a security standpoint in cloud infrastructure.

Date: 22nd July 2021 Time: 3 PM IST

Cloud Security assessment


Organizations need to consider the public cloud risks and should implement security solutions to protect their cloud-native applications and on-prem applications which are being migrated to the cloud. The solutions deployed on-premises will not work for securing cloud workloads and resources, hence there is a need to implement new security technologies and trained resources to secure your cloud environment. As there are more attacks being surfaced in the recent past on the public cloud, this is the time to act and secure your cloud environment, and here is our invitation to Entersoft Cloud Webinar.

The webinar would cover the following topics in brief:

  • Cloud adoption and recent hacks
  • Advantages of public cloud
  • Shared Security Responsibility
  • Security measures for resources and services
  • Best practices

Who can join: Any organization that has a cloud footprint.

Access the recorded webinar session from here