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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) - Secure your network and applications

“What vulnerabilities?” - At Entersoft, we’ve heard this a million times over.

Turning a blind eye to vulnerabilities and exposed attack surfaces can cause companies to lose customer confidence or attract regulatory and compliance penalties.

Ask yourself, how can Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing help?

The threats you don’t anticipate can undo all your hard work.

Picture this. You’ve invested a whole lot of money, time and talent to build your code. You do a grand reveal for your clients, believing they will be impressed.

However, their questions revolve around an all-important area that you didn’t foresee - data security.

“How do you know it is secure?”

“Have you done an in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities?”

“Are you aware of every possible route an attacker could take to break into your network?”

“Do you have an in-house security team?”

If your answer is a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ to any of these, then you need a team of certified experts to advise and assist you.

As your personal cybersecurity team, we will conduct a broad range of security testing services to identify loopholes and secure your application fortress

Reach out to us for a quick chat about our VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) solutions and how we can personalise this service for your business.


Why do a Vulnerability Assessment (VA)?

By conducting vulnerability assessment (VA) at key stages of product development, you can proactively identify and eliminate vulnerabilities right from the start. This helps factor in a strong security and risk posture for the product or organisation, that also fulfils regulatory and compliance requirements.


Sit back and relax while our experts get down to business.

Risks and vulnerabilities vary based on the industry, network or application architecture and users. Every assessment uncovers unique vulnerabilities, helping an organization pre-empt possible crises. At Entersoft, our processes are detailed to uncover vulnerabilities and customised to the current risks and industry needs.

Our VAPT audit predominantly includes

Web application penetration testing

We help you build a secure web environment that suits your business needs. We take care of your web application security while you focus on your core competencies. With cutting-edge innovation and thorough evaluation, we ensure that vulnerabilities are found and addressed before any malicious attack can occur

Mobile application penetration testing

From shopping to healthcare to banking, all aspects of life today are navigated through mobile technology. At the same time, mobile apps are a lucrative opportunity for malicious parties to gain large volumes of personal information. With our expertise, businesses can now secure their mobile applications, protecting customer information and brand reputation.

Network vulnerability assessment penetration testing

Our solutions and experts insulate your network, to protect customer data, platforms, applications, and operating systems and networks. We also help with access management and encryption to ensure that all your information is protected from malicious attacks and compliance issues.

How does it work

Pre-engagement interactions
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1. Pre-engagement interactions

Our team connects for a thorough understanding of your need, with a tailormade questionnaire. Do you need VAPT service for web application, mobile application or network? What is the industry you work in, and the important priorities for your business?

Threat Modeling
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2. Secure on boarding

When you’re happy with or detailed and bespoke proposal, our team of cyber security experts design the engagement, the environments, domain specifics and testing approach – black box, white box or grey box.

Static Analysis
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3. VAPT audit and assessment

Vulnerability Assessments are performed first, with a thorough automated scan of applications, followed by security expert’s review to eliminate false positives. Our team of certified white hat hackers conduct penetration testing on specific issues to assess if they could be exploited by a hacker and their impact.

Dynamic Analysis
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4. Addressing vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are categorised as per the CVSS score standard, can be tracked and addressed on Entersoft’s in-house Vulnerability Management System (VMS) portal. Through the portal, the team has a 360-degree view of vulnerabilities for each project, severity of issues, issue and project status, issues fixed, questions and comments raised and remedial actions.

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5. Reporting

We provide a comprehensive Security assessment report and work in with your internal development team to fix issues.

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6. Revalidate and report

Once your in-house team fixes all or critical issues, our technical team will conduct a re-test the vulnerabilities to ensure they have been addressed. Once all issues are closed, we’ll share a detailed final closure report with a mention of all standards, such as OWASP top 10, adhered to during the VAPT process.

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Rony Alexonel, Chief Technology Officer, Entersoft

“At Entersoft, we have certified experts in industry-leading technologies. Our Vulnerability Management System portal, developed in-house, gives you an all-round view from the project’s start date until closure. This eliminates the confusing and cumbersome practice of numerous emails and excel sheets that are hard to keep track of. With a strict adherence to security standards, you can rest assured that our VAPT audit service is at par with the global best.”

Why choose Entersoft for VAPT

- World-class certified OSCP hackers and CREST team who bring a ‘hacker’s mindset’ to go beyond traditional testing

- State of the art delivery with Entersoft VMS platform

- We’ve worked with over 450 clients worldwide including governments, enterprises and start-ups, across industries

- Over 8000 high & critical vulnerabilities identified and addressed

- Penetration testing conducted for over 4000 unique applications

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Mr. Sujith, Manager for IT, HIL(CK Birla Group)

“Entersoft stands out in the field of penetration testing because they understand the importance of security risks and are able to map it to the domain in which their client is operating. Their service is very much tailored to the particular application being examined. Simply using automation scanning tools is not a replacement for smart, intelligent people with a deep understanding of security related issues. Entersoft takes penetration testing to the next level, using real certified experts to test systems and interpret the results.”