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Vulnerability Management Platform

Vulnerability Management Platform

Do you know that it takes an average of 180 hours to fix an app security vulnerability? Offered exclusively to customers of Entersoft, EnProbe is a cloud based vulnerability management platform. EnProbe helps your developers manage and fix security loopholes in realtime. Developers also interact directly with our elite white hat team to fix the vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable Product for Developers

Designed to train developers on secure coding best practices, Paybank and other vulnerable applications help developers have hands-on training on OWASP top 10 and respective coding practices in their full stack, not generic power point presentations.

Private Bug Bounty

Private Bug Bounty

Bounterr is a managed bug bounty platform with elite white hat hackers. Every white hat in Bounterr is vetted and background checked. Existing bug bounty platforms lack high quality white hat hackers and vulnerability disclosure program management. CISOs and product owners do not have the time to remove false postives and manage bugs. Through Bounterr, Entersoft manages your bounty program end to end.

Dashboard for Security Officers

Designed to help CISOs to maintain their application security risks and overall organisational risks.

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