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About us

Entersoft is an award winning application security provider trusted by over 300 global brands. Through our bespoke products and services we help build robust, secure applications.

Our approach is a combination of offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and pragmatic managed-security which provides highly cost effective and reliable solutions to some of the most pressing problems in Application Security.

We work on real problems with real methods, and seek to understand the foundations of those methods. We stay ahead of the curve by working on a variety of cutting edge technologies with rifle focus on quality.

We aim to reduce the overall risk of your apps.

Application Security Methodology

Offensive assessments

With due permission, our real hackers attack your application. We break the application in every possible way and test its resilience to real world attacks. We hack apps for good.

Proactive monitoring

We help you fix the identified bugs and handhold your developers to bring-in a secure coding culture in your organization. We help you attain high security standards.

Pragmatic Managed Security

We don't stop at securing your app and its code; we help you host and maintain your app in a safe and secure environment. We assist you design required security policies and procedures.

Our attacks make you stronger

Our Skills and Certifications

Led by ex-military intelligence and IIM-A Alumni, Entersoft brims with interesting twists on traditional ways of operating. Our team of certified White Hat Hackers with diverse backgrounds and from various parts of the world, carry an overall experience of 40 years in breaking applications apart.

What makes us undeniably good is our core philosophy of getting the best minds in the business, measured by various standards conceptual creativity, speed, problem solving ability and brute force implementation.

Our certifications speak about our expertise. Entersoft aims at providing highly skilled and offensive white hat hackers who are fast, reliable and trustworthy.

Our team holds the world class certifications.

Our team
OSCP Certified ECSA Certified CEH Certified hackers Yahoo bug bounty Soundcloud bug bounty

Happy Customers

Enterprises, startups... Your size doesn't matter, only your app


Apps Tested

Web apps, mobile apps and native apps


Security Bugs Fixed

It's not how many bugs we find, it's how many we fix!


Hall of Fame

We participate in bug bounty programs and appear on the Hall of Fame boards of many brands

Found critical bugs In

Our white hat hackers have been accoladed by prestigious organizations for responsibly disclosing the bugs.

Yahoo Bug bounty Blackberry Bug bounty Dropbox bug bounty Western Union bug bounty