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Why Security in FinTech?

Security forms the foundation of financial services industry. Aside from convenience, keeping customer information secure is biggest responsibility of FinTech companies. It takes complex and systematic approach that addresses all the elements of cyber security, which helps you to be better equipped and educated to battle the full spectrum of future attacks. Fintech Security simplified.

The way we do it

1. Security Culture Adoption

Implementation of comprehensive information security policy. A formal review with team to identify vulnerabilities and assess risks with tests conducted once a year and whenever the environment changes. A best practices training to your team once a year to ensure they are aware of latest attacks

2. Vigorous Application Security Testing

Year long real time cyber attacks to strengthen your applications. Web app security assessments, Mobile app security assessments, Cloud security assessments and Code reviews will be performed on your applications


3. Policy and Process

Creation and development of security processes and policies. Build platforms with best practices in data security. Information Security practices that comply with or exceed standards like ISO 27002, PCI etc

4. Compliance

Network components, processes and custom software are tested on a regular basis to ensure that cybersecurity measures are still effective, especially after deploying new software or making changes to the system's configuration. Through a network of compliance partners, we provide required assistance to obtain the compliance/certification

FinTech Security resources

Case Study - FinTech Startup

Client was in talks with largest bank in Australia to get their application implemented for bank processes. The bank adheres to extreemly strict security standards. Client was asked to obtain ISO 27001 certification and strengthen their framework of policies and procedures involved in security processes.

Download the case study here.

6 Actionable Cyber Security Tips for Fintech Startups

More than 3 million credit card records have been made public in 2016 alone. One Payment systems hacked in 2015 left information from 2.5 million credit card records out in the open. A recent attack on Bangladesh bank has put all Fintech companies and banks on their toes.

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Scan your website for Security bugs

EnProbe is a Cloud based, Scalable and Lightning fast Vulnerability Management tool that helps you identify and fix security bugs in your web applications. Enprobe helps security experts manage their application security with minimal configurations.

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