Integrate Security in your DevOps

Powerful tools are good enough for DevSecOps?

DevSecOps can only happen if you have strong DevOps in place

DevSecOps, or secure devops, is a culture in Software Development that everyone is responsible for App Security including your developers, test engineers and solution experts

Entersoft’s Application Security offerings and Solutions will deliver an easier and systematic approach to reducing risks in your applications and Infrastructure. Traditional compliance has been a drag on performance and agility. Conflicts between the need to do CI/CD and the need to be secure and compliant created divisions between development teams (Build and release the same day!), operations teams (Get all required permissions and check everything!) and security teams (Penetration testing takes a lot of time!). The effective is to think out of the box. This means including security as early as possible in the software delivery pipeline and embedding security into the very processes that you use to go faster.


Our DevSecOps Process

Our DevSecOps implementation involves a 5 phase approach to integrate Security into DevOps.

We help you Plan, Commit, Release, Deploy, Assess, Monitor and Comply Security into your DevOps.

Achieving all the 5 phases leads to Euphoria in Security.

Our DevSecOps covers

Architecture Reviews

Review your product architectures for any major and minor changes

Threat Modeling

Model and Guess the threats before designing the application

Software Composition Analysis

For identifying vulnerabilities in open source and commercial code.

Code Standards

Identify code standards that your developers have to follow

Static code analysis

Testing binaries to find and fix security flaws in software that is written, bought or downloaded.

Commit Security

Security controls to your commit process.

Configuration testing

Security testing to check your build configurations.

Build Security

CIS standards for your builds.

Infrastructure Security Assessments

VAPT assessments on your infrastructure to make sure your infrastructure is up to date.

Security and Performance Testing

DAST, SAST, Load testing and many more tests integrated into your sprints.

Security in Production Operations

SIEM and Production Systems monitoring to monitor and manage your production servers.

Security trainings

We will train your Developers to code securely.

Policy and Process Automation

Based on your compliance requirement, we automate DevSecOps to manage your compliance.

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