Cloud Security

CIA to AWS, Azure Cloud environments

How is Cloud Security your responsibility

Cloud Security Myth

Many organizations think Cloud Security is Cloud Provider's responsibility. It’s the cloud provider's responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud. But it's your responsibility to ensure you secure anything that you put on the Cloud.

It's important for you to provide Customer data security, Platform security, Application Security, Access management, OS Security, Network Security, Encryption etc. Entersoft's cloud security assessments help you have holistic cloud security.

Cloud Security assessments
AWS Azure Penetration Testing

We secure all major cloud platforms and infrastructure providers

Our team tests any cloud platform. Whether you host a Public Cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud it doesn't matter to us. We will ensure that your cloud stack is secure.

Our Cloud Security assessment covers

Penetration tests

Cloud security tests

External penetration tests on all your cloud instances.

OS Hardening

OS configuration tests

OS level vulnerability assessments and patching.

Cloud architecture review

Architecture reviews

Communication, APIs and platform architecture reviews.

Firewall review

Firewall testing

Web application and network firewall testing.

Performance testing

Load and Performance tests

Stress tests, Performance tests and load tests to test the cloud resilience.

Unusual tests

DOS and DDOS tests

Real time white hat hacker attacks on your cloud.

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