Measure and Manage your App Security Posture


Application Security Quotient(ASQ) is an Application Security Maturity Scoring process developed by Entersoft. ASQ was developed after securing 3000+ applications and plotting over 6 years' worth of 300+ customer interactions and their security efforts, most importantly their approach and investment in tools, technology, people and processes.

ASQ helps organization to evaluate and continuously improve their Application Security Maturity. ASQ helps organizations benchmark their Application Security Posture against Peers or Industry. Most organizations reach High Application Security Maturity level through a lot of trial and error. It is always a challenge for organizations to integrate right tools and processes in their Software Development or DevOps to achieve a lasting and proactive security.


Our ASQ covers

ASQ covers Technology & DevSecOps, People & Processes and Application Defensive strengths.

People & Process

While the typical reaction to real, perceived, or potential security threats is a tool-buying spree, over time companies learn to invest in improving security deeper in the organization by making investments in People and Processes, which almost always pay higher dividends than an investment in tools.

Technology & DevOps

Companies build software faster than ever before. The time to market is crucial for survival and execution. Speed means business, period. Traditional measures of software security like penetration testing often do not catch up with the required pace of software delivery. Security needs to be built into the software even before the code is written, rather than being bolted-on after the software is developed, or ripped apart by back hat hackers.

Application Defenses

Defensive strengths of application play an important role in monitoring and avoiding the security breaches.

ASQ Roadmap

Why ASQ?

  • - Get Road map to increase your Application Security Maturity and Prioritize risks
  • - Implement Proactive security in your organization
  • - Get on demand OSCP certified experts & Security services
  • - Security Investment in right places in right time

The benchmarking reports we provide will help you evaluate your current posture and help you take a quick decision. Reports like Management scorecard with Quantitative Score of your Security posture, Management Tracker to monitor ASQ improvement Prioritize your investment & Remediate Security and Gap Assessment report to improve Score will be shared with you.

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