Anti-Phishing Solutions

Fighting Phishing, Pharming, CEO fraud, Ransomware and Brand-theft through Cyber intelligence

Cyber Intelligence and Anti-Phishing

Did you know that hackers are using very sophisticated social engineering techniques, which will fool even the most advanced users?

How can you protect your customers and partners from a scammer trying to impersonate you and your company, and take advantage of them? Take a proactive approach, and be aware of the risks ahead of time. Instead of responding to attacks only after they arise, Entersoft disarms these attacks before they get to your customers.

How we do it?


Identify new domains, websites and URLs, and assessing the risk


24x7 monitoring and reassessment of the risks


Takedown and block active attacks, before they spreadout


Confuse the attackers, while corrupting the data they collected


Lead the attackers into traps in the shape of honeypots

Our Partner

Entersoft offers Anti-Phishing offerings through Segasec. Segasec is an Israeli cyber-security startup focused on cyber intelligence and anti-phishing. Segasec is protecting organization from phishing, pharming, business email compromise (aka CEO fraud), ransomware, and brand-theft.
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